Workstations and Servers

 "Computer Toolz helps business owners make the most of their computing tools and get the best deals on PC-related purchases. Our workstations are configured for your network with your software installed. If you purchase brand name, off-the shelf computers, you still have to call someone and pay them to configure your purchase for your software and network. With the purchase of our systems, your staff can sit down and start being productive!"  Computer Toolz builds efficient, affordable custom workstations and servers which range from basic file and print servers, to advanced Mail Servers, Web Servers and Database Servers. We will research your exact needs and future plans, then build custom tailored systems to fit your exact requirements. All workstations and servers are built with high quality, name brand parts and are flexible and upgradeable. We specialize in and support Red Hat Linux servers and firewalls, Microsoft servers, and many others.

 The base of a well functioning network begins with quality workstations that are designed to keep your employees productive. Without good quality desktop equipment and support all the money spent in the "server room" will be wasted. We offer all aspects of Desktop repair, upgrade, installation, and remote connectivity. We also design and sell custom workstations that are proven, reliable, and designed to operate exceptionally well.

Looking For A File Server?

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Call us at 912-501-0258 or E-Mail us for more information.  The key word is "reliability" when we design these systems. We constantly stay up to date on computer technology to provide our clients with components that we know will work reliably. Each computer system is "burned in" and tested over a period of time and under various situations and workloads so that when you purchase a system from us you can rest assured that it will be the best possible solution for your needs. You will receive the best performance per dollar based upon your individual requirements. We rely on these systems every day and so do many of our clients. Nothing but praise do we receive in response to their performance.