Dedicated Servers

 If you require the flexibility of running your own server, but do not want the burden of running the machine at your own offices, opening up your internal network to security problems and the expense of additional technical expertise to maintain and administer it, then a dedicated server is suited to you.

 We supply the computer, the location, the connectivity, the security and the technical expertise, but you are free to operate your server as you require.

 If you wish to supply your own hardware, then our Co-location packages may be better suited to you.

 Since the needs of all of our customers are unique, Computer Toolz designs a solution package which perfectly suits your needs and requirements. You should speak to our sales team to find a solution which meets your needs exactly.

 Our Dedicated Servers come with the following features:
  Connection to Computer Toolz's high speed network
  Office hours telephone support and 24 hours e-mail support
  Apache web server (Linux) or IIS (Win2k)
  FrontPage extensions
  PHP or ASP scripting capability
  Perl/CGI support
  MySQL Database (Linux)
  MSSQL Database (Windows)
  Sendmail and POP-3 e-mail servers
  SUDO root access to install any applications or software of your choice
  SSH for remote shell access (Linux)
  Terminal Services for remote desktop access (Windows Servers only)
  FREE machine reboots if required

 How do I get one?

 Ordering a Dedicated Server with Computer Toolz could not be simpler. Simply contact our Sales Team by calling  912-501-0258 or E-Mail us for more information.