Networking Services

 Computer Toolz can accommodate all of your network needs including premises network wiring, software and hardware purchases, maintenance,  and complete network design through multiple server environments. We can network your home and office. No job to small!

 We can also establish a secure, VPN, Wide Area Network between multiple offices over ISDN, DSL, Cable or T-1. VPN's offer secure, remote connection to your network to allow your other offices to access a central data point and you can also work from home!
 CTZ support, install, and train you how to use many types of network appliances including printers (all types), Data Storage, and Data Backup appliances that attach directly to your network. We also offer secure, remote off-site backups for increased data security and peace of mind.
 We pride ourselves in the ability to support, install, or upgrade a wide range of Operating Systems and Applications Software to create very stable solutions for our clients. We specialize in Red Hat Linux servers and firewalls. Our Software services encompass virtually all Microsoft software, Virus protection, Database, and mail services such as Linux Mail Servers, Microsoft Mail Servers, Internet, Web Services and Statistics, and we even offer 24/7 Monitoring for Network Reliability.
 From Nation-Wide Dialup, DSL, Frame Relay, T1, and Virtual Private Network (high security) connections, no matter what your needs we will step in and take care of all requirements to get your network connected to the rest of the world, safely and securely.

 Have an existing network with problems? Give us a call for repairs and maintenance service.
 We also offer secure, remote technical support for your network environment. This service drastically reduces response time and increases your businesses productivity. Most problems can be handled with just a phone call without ever leaving the office. If the problem requires a technician on-site, the service plans covers this expense.
 To request service,
call us at 912-501-0258 or E-Mail us for more information.