Computer Toolz
Remote Off-Site Backups For Business Computer Systems

 Computer Toolz off-site backups are completely secure and confidential. You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is archived in a secure location other than just your server's own backup devices.
  It is always good practice to have your data protected with multiple backup solutions and monitoring in place. Many companies trust their server's backup device is doing it's job. What happens if it fails? Do you have someone monitoring it? What happens (God forbid) if your office burns down and destroys your server and data?
 Consider this true example. One of our clients backup device on their server had stopped functioning. An employee had a very extensive database file open when database software crashed and it destroyed the file to an unrecoverable point. We were able to provide the customer with a data restoration from the previous night's automated remote backup. Instead of losing weeks or even months of data, they were backup and running with very little downtime and data entry loss.
 Productivity, data security  and peace of mind is what Computer Toolz has to offer. Call us at 912-501-0258 today to secure your data for your companies future. E-Mail