Custom Software

 Canít find software to suite your needs? Let us design and build it for you!
Computer Toolz will build software to suite your particular needs. From local applications through WAN capable data bases and web based applications. Extensive research and design goes into each application to provide you with the best possible solution for your business. Call
912-501-0258 today for a preliminary review of your needs.

Web Applications

  Secure web based applications can greatly benefit companies with multiple locations. Consider the benefits of all your offices accessing the same database information without the need for multiple servers! Book keeping and accounting is made much easier. You only need one CPA!
 Computer Toolz can design to your specifications and host your application. Includes E-Mail service and company website hosting all in one!

 Network Software

 We pride ourselves in the ability to support, install, or upgrade a wide range of Operating Systems and Applications Software to create very stable solutions for our clients. We specialize in Red Hat Linux servers and firewalls. Our Software services encompass virtually all Microsoft software, Virus protection, Database, and mail services such as Linux Mail Servers, Microsoft Mail Servers, Internet, Web Services and Statistics, and we even offer 24/7 Monitoring for Network Reliability.

Call us at 912-501-0258 or E-Mail us for more information.