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 Computer Toolz offers secure, remote and on-site technical support for your network environment.

 Computer Toolz has created a client base of businesses that employ 3 to 50 people but can't afford a full time IT Manager or Computer Specialist. Our clientele is comprised of very satisfied business managers who appreciate the fact that they can have a network of computers that run efficiently and inexpensively without the need for a full time computer technician; an employee that would cost them upwards of $60,000 - $100,000 (not to mention benefits and other perks). Call us to cure your technical problems. 

 We pride ourselves in the ability to support, install, or upgrade a wide range of Operating Systems and Applications Software

 Computer Toolz provides this service to anyone, from single computer offices up to companies with multiple computers and locations.

 Our remote support provides fast response and increases your business productivity. This service keeps your company running at an optimal level. Most problems can be handled with just a phone call with a virtually instant resolution to your problem. If the problem requires a technician on-site, the service plans covers this expense.
 These service plans can be custom tailored to your company's size and needs. Even if you only have one computer, you can save time and money with the purchase of one of our support plans. Of course we also provide support services to clients without a support plan.
 Our services encompass virtually all Microsoft software, Virus protection, Database, and mail services such as Linux Mail Servers, Microsoft Mail Servers, Internet, Web Services and Statistics, and we even offer 24/7 Monitoring for Network Reliability.

 Call us at 912-501-0258 or E-Mail us for more information.

 Have an existing network with problems? Give us a call for repairs and maintenance service.